Information and Requirements

Information about our service and what we require from you

Driver Requirements 

  • UK & EU licence holders aged between 26-75 must have held your drivers licence for a minimum of one year.
  • All drivers licence holders aged between 21-25 must have held your drivers licence for a minimum of two years.
  • Non EU licence holders must have held your drivers licence for a minimum of two years.
  • Drivers aged between 21-25 and including the age of 25 will incur a young drivers daily surcharge.
  • The following convictions codes we will not be able to hire to: BA10, BA30, BA40, BA60, UT50, CD40, CD50, CD60, CD70, CD71, CD80, CD90,
  • DD10, DD40, DD60, DD80, DD90, DR10, DR20, DR30, DR31, DR40, DR50, DR60, DR61, DR70, DR80, DR90, DG10, DG40, DG60, TT99, MR09, MR19, MR29, MR49, MR59  10 points or over.
  • Drivers who have been disqualified from driving for a period exceeding six months in the last three years. Who have been disqualified from driving for a period exceeding three months in the last year.
  • No more than three accidents. No more than two thefts within the last three years.
  • All drivers must provide two current proofs of address eg. utility bill or bank statements in their name and dated within the last three months. We do not accept mobile phone bills.


Full to full policy unless otherwise stated. Refuelling charge £3.60 per litre.


UK Drivers Licence

  • All customers with a UK driver's licence must generate a DVLA check code prior to your booking. To obtain this code, go to: You will need your driver's licence number, national insurance number and postcode to where the licence is registered to. Once logged in you will notice four tabs at the top of the page. Click on the 4th tab that reads "get your check code", then click the green button "get a code" and this will generate a one time use passcode that you will need to print or save. You can share this code via email along with your driver licence number for ZOOCars to check your licence. This code is only valid for 21 days, so please do not carry out this procedure more than 21 days until your reservation date. You will still be required to provide your driver's licence & proof of addresses at point of collection.
  • If you are unable to carry out this procedure it will cost £6.00 for ZOOCars to obtain the relevant information by telephoning the DVLA. However this service is closed until further notice due to Covid-19.

Non UK Licence & Visiting the UK

  • You will need to provide your Drivers Licence, Passport & travel documentation eg. e-tickets.

Non UK Licence & Living in the UK

  • You will need to provide your Drivers Licence, Passport & two current proofs of address dated within the last three months.

Mileage Restriction

Mileage Allowance: 250 miles per day. Maximum 2000 miles within each 28 day period. £0.25 per mile thereafter.


Age Restrictions

  • We can only insure drivers between the age of 21-75.
  • If you are aged between 21-25 inclusive you will be charged an additional young drivers surcharge.

Payment Method

  • The Credit or Debit card must be in the hirers/main drivers name.
  • We do not accept Cash, Visa Electron, Maestro, Solo or any prepaid top up cards.


  • Pre- auth deposit ranges from £250 to £500 depending on which vehicle you hire. Deposit amount will be indicated at the booking stage. The deposit is a pre authorisation and is blocked on the card for approximateley five to seven working days.

Insurance Excess

  • The standard excess is £1000. You will be able to reduce the excess by choosing one of our collison damage waiver options.
  • Young driver's excess is £1200. You will be able to reduce the excess by choosing the young driver collision damage waiver option.

Travelling outside the UK mainland.

  • ZOOCars may allow travel to the EU.  If you would like to drive outside the UK mainland and into Europe, please click on our continental hire page where you will be able to receive a quotation. You can also call us us to discuss your arrangements on 020 8742 8955.
  • Any vehicle taken outside the UK mainland without prior consent & the relevant documentation, will result in the full excess charge of £2000.00, plus, but not limited to, any additional rental / insurance charges that may apply.
  • No vehicle is authorised to travel outside of Europe.

Cancellation Policy

Renter shall be liable for the following charges in the event of cancellation of booking.

  • More than 48 hours before booking: No charge.
  • 24 hours - 48 hours booking: 50% of total charge.
  • Less than 24 hours before booking: 100% of total charge.
  • If you make a reservation within 24 hours of your pick up time you will still be liable for the above cancellation charge.

ZOOCars Ltd can't postpone or transfer money from one hire to another. ZOOCars reserves the right to amend it's cancellation policy for certain events.


PCN administration Charge

ZOOCars charge £36.00 (inc VAT) fee for each and every penalty / parking charge notice we process through our office. 


Early Returns

We do not give refunds or credits for rental days unused.